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4 Oct

We're looking for a project leader for a permanent position with flexible schedule to join our growing family!

Symetris recrute


3 Oct

Symetris is proud to be a sponsor of DrupalCamp Ottawa 2019! The event will take place at Ottawa University on October 18th.

Conférence au Drupal Ottawa - Sébastien Lamy, Développeur web chez Symetris


27 Sep

We're looking for a quality assurance specialist for a full-time position to join our growing family!

Symetris recrute


11 Jul
Auteur en collaboration: Ester Carrera


28 Oct

In some companies there are project managers and in others project leaders, but have you ever wondered if there was really a difference between the two? 



13 Oct

En établissant un objectif S.M.A.R.T., vous pourrez partir votre projet du bon pied.


Founded in Montreal in 2004, Symetris develops effective websites that go beyond marketing: they are designed as business tools for our clients.

We are specialists of WordPress, Drupal and mobile device optimization.

Communications agencies regularly mandate us to build websites for their clients because our team is reliable, competent and understands their needs. By trusting us, agencies can focus on their strength: being creative.