DrupalCamp Montreal review

DrupalCamp Montreal review

15 Nov

Author : Brad Muncs, Categories : Maintenance, Web Site Development

DrupalCamp Montreal was an interesting and technical two-day conference about Drupal, a popular content management system (CMS) software.

Several members of Symetris’ team attended this event held at McGill University.  Here are a few highlights of both days.

Day 1

A conference about “Aegir”, a module that lets one control several Drupal websites from a single installation seemed promising.  It uses “Drush”, a powerful module that lets programmers use linux command-line to set configurations (instead of going through Drupal’s online configuration pages).

This was followed by a session about “how to create your first module” which was, for us, a bit of a refresher course on how to create Drupal modules.  Some interesting reminders were about coding standards (www.drupal.org/coding-standards) and IRC (www.drupal.com/irc).

The afternoon discussed how to use Drupal as the server setup of choice when creating mobile applications.  It stressed the importance of “thin client, thick server” so that one same app structure can easily be adapted for multiple platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry).

Day 2

An important session about internationalization and multilingualism was quite helpful.  It mentioned the practical “Localization Client” module for translating interface items.  “Transliteration” is also quite helpful for URLs.

My favourite conference was about the “Features” module.  It will definitely change the way we think about building and configuring modules in the future.  Basically, it proposes a way to group together the installations and configurations of more abstract modules that “build” more specific “features” for the website.  The beauty of it is its “version control” which lets you easily “revert” to previous versions of your configurations and comment each one!

DrupalCamp - Features

I look forward to future DrupalCamps – I hope they will be as eye-opening as this one. And it’s always a pleasure to meet the “real” community: not just virtual online users ;)


PS: For more information, here’s an interesting article by another local web shop that was present at the event: http://evolvingweb.ca/story/recap-drupal-camp-montreal-2010

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