Social Media vs Website: How to keep a consistent message

Social Media vs Website: How to keep a consistent message

15 Aug

Author : Jeremie Pelletier, Categories : Web application

How to keep a consistent message (image)

We know by now that Social Media can help out businesses with their brand image and even their sales and marketing efforts but many organisations do not know how, or even where to start. The first and most important element in your communication strategy is that you present a straightforward and consistent message. This applies to your website, all your social media presence, and any other interaction your clients have with your company. While maintaining the cohesion of your communications can be very time consuming, several plugins exist and can be integrated to your website, making sure that the available information is consistent.  

Here is a list of 3 extensions you can add to your Website and make it easier for you to maintain a consistent message between your social media and your website.

1. Share/like buttons:

You are probably quite familiar with share/like buttons but I definitely still get surprised how frequently I see it missing on pages. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t have this button, you will be missing on some shares. When visitors share your content, the webpage they are recommending to friends was created by you – and displays your pre-approved content.

2. Module to auto-post new content (blog articles, press releases, events):

How many press releases and blog posts do you publish in a month? Does your business organize regular events? It can get tedious to copy-paste this content on your different social media platforms. Why not include a module that when you update your website’s content, a Tweet and/or Facebook update is automatically sent to all your followers.

3. Social Feeds on your website:

If your business has a highly active online presence on different social sites, why not make this content available on your website. Similar to the bloc we added to one of our client’s home page, Celent, you can see a feed of your most recent Twitter and/or Facebook activities so that visitors can see all the interaction you have with your public right away.


These options help you make sure your message is consistent about your organization. The message you send out to your online community via Social Sites and your corporate website are better synched. Your clients/prospects will have precise information about what is you do and what you are offering and will be greatly appreciated. After that, you can better measure the return on investment of your online presence. To have a better idea how to do so, take a look at this blog article: Blogs and Social Media – Measure ROI (Return on Investment)

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