A look back at 2012

Author : Brad Muncs

As 2013 starts off, it’s nice to look back at what was accomplished in the past year. And what a year 2012 was for Symetris! Here are the highlights for those of you who haven’t been taking notes ;)

WordCamp Montreal 2012 Highlights - Part 3 - Theming and Project Management
For my last article about WordCamp Montreal 2012, I'll adress some talks from Sunday, which focused mostly on theming and project management for WordPress websites.

WordCamp Montreal 2012 Highlights - Part 2: SEO and Social Media for WordPress
There was a blitz of WordPress SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing conferences at WordCamp Montreal 2012. Here are the highlights. Article 2 of 3.

WordCamp Montreal 2012 Highlights - Part 1
Regular attendees of WordCamp Montreal, Symetris sponsored the 2012 WordPress conference. As usual, it was a great event with lots of speakers, and we'll recap the weekend in 3 articles.