WordCamp Montreal 2011 – highlights

WordCamp Montreal 2011 – highlights

22 Jul

Author : Brad Muncs, Categories : Maintenance, Web Site Development

This past July 9th and 10th, WordCamp Montreal 2011, a conference about WordPress (the world’s most popular blogging software), was held at UQÀM’s “Centre des sciences”.  It was a great event with lots of speakers, and below is our recap of the weekend. 

On Sunday, we were even treated to a Keynote speech from WordPress’ founder: Matt Mullenweg.  We shared an important milestone with him: during the conference, we all learned that now over 50 million websites are powered by WordPress!

Saturday Highlights

WordPress Need for Speed

A great conference by Pascal Deschenes, he went over several details about how to make sure your website loads quickly for users.  Tips included:

  • How to load images (from “content delivery networks” such as AmazonS3/Cloudfront)
  • How to track page load speed with Google Analytics
  • How to optimize placement of scripts and css in your HTML file
  • How to minimize server requests
  • Comparing caching modules

Custom Post types

WordCamp Montreal 2011Presented by two developers from StressLimit Design, this conference confirmed our approach to “custom post types” in WordPress: do it in code, even though the API requires lots of coding and does not have good defaults. 

Cool modules they spoke about were: Posts2Posts and Custom Metadata Manager.

Hello monde!

This conference went over several tips to make a site multilingual-friendly.  It’s important to decide if the site will be completely different for each language (separate websites), or use a translation plugin.  The ones they were recommended were qTranslate (that we usually use at Symetris) and WPML.

SEO & Social Media for Business with WordPress

Presented by Brian Rotsztein, this conference went in-depth into several key concepts to make sure a WordPress site is visible in search engines.  He recommended the “All-in-one-SEO-Pack” plugin as well as providing tips about how to optimize HTML code for relevance in search engines. 

Sunday Highlights

Keynote by Matt Mullenweg

While we weren’t totally convinced by the morning’s sessions, the Keynote speech by humble Matt Mullenweg was quite inspirational.  It’s interesting that someone who’s on the forefront of the evolution of the web can say “we’re not very good at predicting the future”.  Compare that to all the analysts and gurus who think they can forecast several years ahead what’s going to happen online…!

Custom theme from scratch using theme framework

Our team was impressed with this conference, which presented a tool to generate themes on the 960.gs system programmatically called “PressWork”.  We’ll definitely be looking into this in the near future!

Looking forward to WordCamp 2012!

So there are our highlights for this year’s edition.  We look forward to next year’s and would be interesting in making our own presentation!

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