WordCamp Montreal 2012 Highlights - Part 1

WordCamp Montreal 2012 Highlights - Part 1

3 Sep
Symetris and WordPress - Together at WordCamp Montreal 2012

Regular attendee of WordCamp Montreal, Symetris sponsored the 2012 WordPress conference. As usual, it was a great event which included many knowledgeable speakers. We've recapped our team's impressions into three articles. Here's the first.

WordPress dans les Nuages - [3.5/5]

Interesting talk about hosting websites in the cloud. Given by a Microsoft evangelist, it focused on Windows Azure, but the general principles of cloud usage were practical.

He stated the four reasons to use the cloud for a website:

  1. The website is turned on or off periodically
  2. The website is growing fast
  3. The website has unpredictable bursts of usage
  4. The website has predictable bursts of usage (ex: during holidays)

The cloud providers mentionned included: VMWare, Windows Azure, Amazon S3 and RackSpace. When comparing offers, he recommended one should take into account flexibility, openness and solidity (which happen to be the three main themes of the Windows Azure website...). Additional criteria to consider indlude its cost-effectiveness, ease of use technological advancement.

Choisir un thème WordPress: Plus qu'une question de goût [2.5/5]

While the conference was a bit too basic for our WordPress development team, a few suggested templates worth mentionning are:

Advanced Post Queries - Best Practices for Accessing your Data - [4/5]

A great presentation by Tom Auger focused on a very technical aspect of WordPress: how it loads and transfers variables from one page to the next. The the best way to do so is to use "new WP_Query($args)" because it allows for more control - you can even run a query within a query!

Interested in learning more? Check out the function's detail page in the WordPress Codex. 

Code Faster and Smarter PHP with IDEs like NetBeams - [4/5]

This was a conference geared towards WordPress programmers and the software they use to write their code. As an alternative to the popular "Dreamweaver", this talk focused on the free "NetBeams".

Why choose another IDE? Some reasons are:

  • Better integration with GIT and SVN (versionning software)
  • More shortcuts (code quickly)
  • Faster response
  • Lots of plugins
  • Other cool aspects like code highlighting

Interesting note: At Symetris, we've exploring alternative IDEs, and while NetBeams has not made the list, Sublime Text 2 has - awesome.


Well, that's all for "part 1". Still lots of other stuff for you in the next articles!

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