WordCamp Montreal - Feedback

WordCamp Montreal - Feedback

7 Sep

Two weekends ago, it was the second edition of WordCamp Montreal and my first time at this event. I attended the conference on the first day, the 28th of August 2010. Here are my impressions about it.





WordCamp Montreal 2010!

Symetris Team

The registration went quickly, got my WordCamp pass, my cool t-shirt and a few stickers. They even thought of getting bagels, coffee, tea and juice for breakfast. Had I known I wouldn't have eaten breakfast at home.

The event was at one of the UQAM buildings near "Place des Arts": 2 rooms with two simultaneous conferences all day. The conferences ranged from beginner to advanced, and lecturers came from different areas of the industry.

Conference WordCamp

By lunch time we had done through three conferences and in good need of a mental break. The organizers of the event kindly supplied a buffet style lunch. After a couple more conference, we were treated to delicious cupcakes. It was excellent!


In general the conferences were great. Covering a wide range of topics like plug-ins, SEO, programming, and theming. The lecturers knew their topic very well which helped the non-English speakers in the room follow.

All this for the tiny price of $40, we definitely got our money's worth. Thanks WordCamp team. 

In conclusion WordCamp Montreal was a big success!

PS: If you missed out on the fun, check out their schedule: http://wordcampmontreal.org/schedule/ (Most lecturers even supplied us with their slideshow!)

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