100% of Symetris experts are now certified in Drupal

100% of Symetris experts are now certified in Drupal

11 Oct

Symetris is proud that 100% of our development team is now certified for Drupal development by Acquia. Our team cares deeply about the quality of our code and wants to give our clients projects that are of the highest quality possible.

This certification guarantees that our developers :

  • Understand the best practices of Drupal's core architecture
  • Develop and implement robust new Drupal modules and themes
  • Customize and extend existing modules according to community standards
  • Understand security and performance requirements

Symetris is the web agency with the highest Drupal experts that are certified in Québec. We liberate our clients’ web potential for 12 years and we are reknown for our proven leadership toward our clients and partners.

Live the Symetris experience right now by contacting our sales department at sales@symetris.ca.

Congratulations to our development team!