2016 News

11 Nov

Symetris moderated the "group of experts" about best practices to guarantee marketing project success at the Big Bang Marketing event hosted by the Quebec Technology Association (AQT) this past October.

11 Oct

Symetris is proud that 100% of our development team is now certified for Drupal development by Acquia. Our team cares deeply about the quality of our code and wants to give our clients projects that are of the highest quality possible.

12 Sep

Join Symetris' growing family!

We're looking for web developers with 2 years experience and engaging personality.


29 Jul

At DrupalCamp Ottawa, we shared our insight regarding how to approach web projects and give you some of our best practices.

20 Jun

This past weekend, Symetris shared our insight regarding how to approach web projects depending on their scope at DrupalNorth, the largest Drupal conference in Canada.

22 Apr

Symetris is sponsoring Drupal North, the most important Drupal event in Eastern Canada.

4 Feb

We presented the main advantages of using Drupal 8 with Acquia at February's Linux Meetup.

Slideshare of the presentation

6 Jan

Position filled - Thanks to all candidates

Join Symetris' growing family! We're currently looking for a web developers (Drupal / WordPress).