[ALREADY HIRED] Job offer: Web developer (WordPress and/or Drupal)

[ALREADY HIRED] Job offer: Web developer (WordPress and/or Drupal)

20 Sep


Symetris is currently looking for a web developer (WordPress and/or Drupal) to join our amazing team! Interested?  Or do you know someone who might be?  Please click on this article's title to view the entire job offer. Or download the PDF version.

Job description

Full-time position (5 days/week) with flexible schedule.

The web developer participates in the development of new websites as well as the maintenance of existing sites.  His responsibilities include:

  • Install and configure content management systems (WordPress and Drupal);
  • Slice design source files to transform them into functional web pages;
  • Program dynamic code (php & jQuery);
  • Integrate and update content;
  • Write light, reusable and well-commented code based on W3C Standards;
  • Control quality and verify that all web pages appear correctly on the majority of web browsers and platforms.


  • Experience with Wordpress and/or Drupal;
  • College or prof. degree in multimedia integration or 1 yr. of experience as a webmaster;
  • Mastery of HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery;
  • Mastery of Dreamweaver and Photoshop;
  • Willingness to learn, autonomy, creativity and attention to detail;
  • Good time management and prioritizing;
  • Motivated to work in a growing small business;
  • Extra points: Experience with object-oriented programming;
  • Extra points: Experience with mobile platforms.

Company description

Through creativity, innovation and expertise, Symetris specialized in the creation of feature-rich websites adapted to the specific needs of our clientele.  Our unique and relevant solutions are set apart by their design, precision and efficiency.

How to apply?

Send your CV to Brad Muncs: jobs@symetris.ca
Please include a list of websites you have developed.