[Candidate found] Job offer: Web Developer (Drupal / WordPress)

[Candidate found] Job offer: Web Developer (Drupal / WordPress)

12 Aug

[CANDIDATE FOUND - Thanks to all who applied!]


Join Symetris' growing family! We're currently looking for a web developer (Drupal / WordPress).

Interested, or know someone who might be?
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Job description

Part-time or full-time (2-3 days / week = 21-35hrs/week) with flexible schedule.

At Symetris, our values (heart, discipline, expertise and transparency) are a reflection of our approach and the reason why our clients trust us. The web development team must embody them in order to build strong relationships with our clients and unlock their web potential. 

The web developer participates in the development of new websites as well as the maintenance of existing sites. His/her responsibilities include: 

  • Install and configure content management systems (Drupal and WordPress); 
  • Create modules integrated to the API of these CMS; 
  • Program the backend (PHP) and the front-end (HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY); 
  • Slice design source files to transform them into functional web pages; 
  • Integrate and update content; 
  • Write light, reusable and well-commented code based on W3C Standards; 
  • Control quality on the majority of web browsers and platforms (including mobile); 
  • Document his work (user stories, code documentation). 


  • Minimum 1 year of experience Drupal; 
  • College or prof. degree in multimedia integration; 
  • Familiarity with source code versioning with GIT; 
  • Willingness to learn, adaptability, autonomy, initiative and attention to detail; 
  • Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously while managing priorities; 
  • Excellent communication skills & teamwork; 
  • Enthusiastic to contribute to the continuous improvement of the team; 
  • Motivated to work in a growing small business. 

Company description

Founded in Montreal in 2004, Symetris develops effective websites that go beyond marketing: they are designed as business tools for our clients.

We are specialists of WordPress, Drupal and mobile device optimization.

Our values:

  • Heart: We care. We are passionate individuals with dreams and aspirations, as are our clients. We work to establish lasting relationships and to listen and understand issues behind each project in order to deliver impeccable results.
  • Discipline: We take things in hand and support our partners from start to end and beyond. Our discipline is unwavering in balanced work ethic, planning and quality control.
  • Expertise: Beyond our expertise and common knowledge, our skill manifest itself in our capacity to adapt, learn and resolve obstacles before they become problems.
  • Transparency: With our clients and amongst ourselves, we prefer clear and unambiguous communication. We strive to systematically share our ideas and each project’s progress, updating each stakeholder along the way.

How to become part of the Symetris family?

Send your CV and cover letter to Brad Muncs : jobs@symetris.ca


Please include: 

  • Your C.V.;
  • A presentation letter;
  • Links towards websites you have built.

Download the offer in PDF format