The Drupal North schedule is up!

The Drupal North schedule is up!

5 Jun

We are excited to announce that Brad Muncs, our CEO at Symetris, was invited by Acquia to speak on the panel: “Fireside Chat - How to scale your Drupal agency for the enterprise” at 1:30pm on Thursday June 13 at Concordia University in Montreal. 

Brad Muncs speaks at Drupal North

With over 15 years of technical and business knowledge, Brad is able to understand and achieve the goals of both marketing and information technology departments, and can help executives with their technological choices. Together with Acquia and friends from Opin and Digital Echidna, he will share his expertise and discuss the opportunities for Drupal agencies & consultants to grow their footprint in Enterprise in Canada. Don’t miss out!

Symetris has been elected as one of Acquia’s privileged partners in Canada thanks to our unwavering involvement in the Drupal community and our team’s expertise. And after 10 years of collaboration with Drupal Camp, we are very happy to be present at Drupal North this year. 

Matthieu Gadrat, our Director of Innovation, will also be presenting a session on Friday June 14 with the theme "Taming the beast: A practical guide for taking over a Drupal project”. 

Don’t be shy, come meet us! Register for Drupal North here:

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