Savoir média launch a new content platform, built by Symetris

Savoir média launch a new content platform, built by Symetris

4 Apr

Driven by the digital transformation, the media market is increasingly in the need to reinvent its business model and develop a solid and sustainable strategy.

Available since early April, Savoir Media's broadcasting platform illustrates the metamorphosis of the previous brand Canal Savoir. Delivered by Symetris in a short time, it is the result of a close collaboration and synergy between the client and their partners.

Brad Muncs et l'équipe Symetris

Our team attended the launch on April 2nd at the Cinémathèque québécoise.

Nadine Dufour, directrice générale de Savoir Média

According to Nadine Dufour, Managing Director of Savoir media:
The digital shift of Savoir media will make it possible to reach not just one audience, but all audiences eager to develop their knowledge and reflect on the various issues affecting our society.

The report: A total of 1200 hours on the project, 2 and a half months of development time to reach the digital ecosystem of Savoir Media.

According to Brad Muncs, CEO of Symetris:

Savoir Media has realized its vision of transformation with a digital platform delivered by Symetris in record time in a complex ecosystem. I attribute the success of this project to the engagement, expertise and guidance provided by the Symetris team. Congratulations!

See the platform here :