Symetris is hiring a project leader

Symetris is hiring a project leader

4 Oct

We're looking for a project leader for a permanent position with flexible schedule to join our growing family!

[Download the complete project leader job description in PDF format]

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Job description

Full-time, with possibility of 4 days per week with reduced hours (ideal for balancing work and family)

With 15 years of web technology experience, Symetris’ 21 team members are specialized in the deployment of large-scale digital projects.

Our clients choose us to benefit from the “Symetris Experience”: our visionary project leadership, our rigorous project management methodology inspired by AGILE and our quality management process. This ensures stakeholders that we are both disciplined with deadlines while maintaining the flexibility to address each client’s unique needs.

We prefer the title “project leader” because our project managers truly drive the evolution of projects (instead of simply following up on lists of tasks). They add a human dimension to projects and lead them to success with tangible actions.

Project leaders are guided by our 4 pillars of project leadership:

  • Embody the mission
  • Empower the team
  • Engage the stakeholders
  • Lead with vision

Our project leaders develop a meaningful bond with clients to help them unlock their digital potential. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Be responsible for project profitability;
  • Ensure the satisfaction of client and internal teams;
  • Oversee and influence project evolution from kick-off to launch;
  • Empower the work team to achieve project success;
  • Empathise with clients to understand and anticipate their needs;
  • Understand the client’s strategic objectives to recommend project enhancements;
  • Reassure the client regarding his project’s progress;
  • Negotiate win-win agreements between Symetris and our clients;
  • Guarantee the success of several projects simultaneously;
  • Verify deliverables (quality control).


  • 2 years or more of project management experience (bonus for web projects or familiarity with AGILE methodology);
  • High emotional intelligence (capability to manage crisis situations with grace);
  • Leadership, initiative and accountability;
  • Good grasp of the digital ecosystem and technology in general;
  • Courtesy, positive attitude and team spirit;
  • Capacity to manage priorities and time (important vs. urgent);
  • Discipline, organization and detail oriented;
  • Willingness to learn and adaptability;
  • Enthusiastic to contribute to the continuous improvement of the team;
  • Fluently bilingual (English and French, written and spoken).

Why work at Symetris?

Dedicated and dynamic, collaborative and friendly, our team believes that the human experience should be put at the centre of technology. Each department meets weekly to share and improve on their knowledge. Each employee has a real impact on the company’s future.

As for our everyday lifestyle, our legendary “5@7 jeudi découvertes”, our rewarding team-building activities, our wacky theme days and our Mario-Kart-lunches are appreciated by all.

It all comes down to our values (heart, discipline, expertise and transparency) which guide our decisions and are the reason why your future teammates are as thick as thieves.

Each new employee is assigned a “godfather” that will accompany him/her through the onboarding adventure into our team for the short and long term.

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How to apply?

Send your candidature to:
Pleas include:

  • Your C.V.
  • A presentation letter
  • Description of 3 projects for which you contributed to their success and how