Team building Symetris 2019

Team building Symetris 2019

13 Jun

If you can laugh together, you can work together
Robert Orben

Last week, our team got together for our annual off-site team building event. Symetris has grown so much in the past year that this year marks the first team building experience for many members of the team.

It began with a strategic presentation, where we all celebrated the team’s achievements in the past year and aligned on what our goals are for the year to come. Then, it was time for The Olympics of the Future. In a world where we tend to focus on the past & present and see the future as something scary, we imagined and created what the future would look like to us - not without our silly side! And all throughout the weekend, everyone got to spend time together relaxing, playing board games, laughing, and laughing again.

Core to our team culture, this yearly event helps forging strong relationships between all of us, and makes it possible to think of our teammates as friends, and not just colleagues. Isn’t that the point?