Were you at Drupal North 2019?

Were you at Drupal North 2019?

19 Jun

The event brought together the Canadian Drupal community in Montreal for a three-day exchange of ideas on how to build robust websites on Drupal. This open-source web platform, used by many organizations such as the White House, Warner, Sony BMG, and Forbes, who focus on performance and digital security, was the center of attention.

Our staff discussed a variety of topics, such as the future of web content, building digital experiences, and how to present Drupal for the Enterprise. They also looked at different case studies and got a refresh on the technical details of open source.

Brad Muncs, our CEO, spoke on the panel: How to scale your Drupal agency for the Enterprise. With over 15 years of technical and business knowledge, Brad is able to understand and achieve the goals of both marketing and information technology departments, and can help executives with their technological choices.

Brad Muncs Drupal North 2019 Enterprise

Photo: Alex Dergachev 

Together with Acquia and our friends from Opin and Digital Echidna, Brad shared his expertise, discussed business opportunities and shared the successful case study of one of our customers, Videotron. It is through a close collaboration between Symetris, Acquia and Vidéotron that "Fizz Internet" was able to deploy their operations 100% digitally.

If you missed it, click here to hear the audio of the conference.

Matthieu Gadrat, our Director of Innovation, also presented a session on the theme "Taming the beast: A practical guide for taking over a Drupal project", in which he tackled the issues of taking over a Drupal project.

Matthieu Gadrat Symetris - Taming the Beast Drupal

Being aware of the business challenges to maintain and take over a Drupal project, I presented to the Drupalers a practical guide that we developed over the years to be able to work on someone else's project, without pulling their hair out!
Matthieu Gadrat

To watch his presentation, click here.

Symetris has the largest team of certified developers on the Drupal platform in Quebec. And after 10 years of collaboration with Drupal Camp, we are pleased to have been present at Drupal North this year.