Digital Diagnostic

Digital Diagnostic Digital Diagnostic

In order to reach your objectives, we must, first of all, establish your plan of attack.  At Symetris, we have developed a three step method that we call the “Digital Diagnostic”.

Our Digital Diagnostic deals with three fundamental questions related to you project:

  1. Why? (strategic analysis)
  2. What? (functional analysis)
  3. How? (technical analysis)

Why? / Strategic analysis

Strategic analysis allows us to make sure that your needs and objectives are well defined.  It then identifies how the technology can help you achieve these objectives for future years. Your business objectives must be measurable in order to validate the return on your investment once the proposed solution is implemented.

What? / Functional analysis

The functional analysis defines the paths to take to achieve the objectives that were defined in the strategic analysis. We will help you prioritize the modules of your project and define the processes which will be influenced by your choices.

How? / Technical analysis

The technical analysis details your project’s milestones, the actions required to attain them, and the effort required to build the solution.  This is the project’s blueprint, step by step. Our team will accompany you to target the key deliverables of the project, and anticipate possible issues in order to make sure each step runs smoothly and without surprises.


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At each phase, we collaborate closely with your team to make sure that the project is aligned in the right direction.

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