Intranet and Extranet

Intranet and Extranet Intranet and Extranet

Are you looking to increase collaboration and productivity while streamlining decision making in your business? Your intranet or extranet are indispensable tools for communication, collaboration, and interaction between your employees, your clients and your suppliers.

Using a secure web interface, these continually evolving platforms allow you to centralize your documents and your communications.  They can also become a unique portal for efficient exchanges between users.

According to a recent study by CEFRIO, the main benefits of enhancing your intranet include:

  • Facilitation of employee work on a daily basis
  • Increase of employee productivity
  • Improvement of collaboration and sharing of expertise
  • Reduction of business costs
  • Increase in the employees’ sense of belonging

Intranet modules can also:

  • Allow access to different information according to the role of the employee
  • Display a personalized dashboard for each user
  • Automate recurring user actions
  • Centralize your list of employees, clients, and suppliers
  • Facilitate access to resources and documents
  • Help your team collaborate and share information
  • Synchronize information with external data bases
  • Generate and manage reports


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An intranet is a secure interface accessible by an organization’s employees, while an extranet is accessible by an organisation’s clients or suppliers.

Both can exist on the same platform through different permissions.

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