Mobile websites

Mobile websites Your website must be optimized for mobile devices

The era of the mobile has gone mainstream: more and more people access the internet from mobile devices like the iPhone, Android phones or tablets.

To offer these users a satisfying navigation experience, your website must be optimized for mobile devices.

To do so, you have two main options:

1. “Same content, different container”
(Responsive Design)

With this technique, you display the same content as your desktop website but adapt the design layout to smaller screens and reduce the size of files that need to be downloaded.

2. Applications (“web apps” or “native apps”)

Applications are adaptations of websites which focus on specific functionalities and less content that desktop websites. “Web apps” can be viewed with mobile device web browsers, while “native apps” must be downloaded from the Apple App store or the Android Market.

It’s not always necessary to adapt ALL the content of a website for a mobile version. You can create a single optimized “landing page” that allows users of mobile devices to quickly access your contact information.

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