Build your website with WordPress

WordPress is the best known website content management system (CMS).  Originally developed as a tool for bloggers, WordPress expanded and is now a complete CMS.  The platform was and continues to be open-source.

As WordPress specialists in Montreal, we have a deep understanding of its characteristics and distinctive strengths.


WordPress sites that you may know

Here are a few sites that use WordPress as their CMS:



What are distinctive WordPress functionalities?

Easily manage your website

WordPress offers an intuitive interface which is user friendly.  Whether you want to modify content, add pages or update your company blog, WordPress makes it easy for you.

Example: You want to share some recent news?  From your control panel, write a news item and publish it instantly.

Increase your visibility in search engines (SEO)

Sites made with WordPress are quickly indexed by search engines such as Google.  Adding categories or “tags” will also help you to position your content according to certain keywords.


Example: You wrote an article about a product you just launched. Use an SEO plugin to promote the most relevant keywords.

Customize your website

WordPress is a scalable platform and was made to last through time:  You have access to more than 20,000 different modules conceived by developers worldwide – including Symetris.


Example: Promote your social media presence, such as Facebook or Twitter, by displaying their feeds on your website.


WordPress is used by more than 53% of the 100,000 most visited websites! - (as of February 1st 2013)

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